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Pret A Manger

Veggie Pret_10.jpg

Creating the Veggie Pret branding and interior style was very much a case of Pret going green (or Pantone 362 to be precise.) It incorporates much of the new interior styling that can be seen in the clean contemporary typography, perforated steel and the introduction of grey.

Inforgraph_Veggie Pret_Separate_V170421-01.jpg
Inforgraph_Veggie Pret_Separate_V170421-02.jpg
Inforgraph_Veggie Pret_Separate_V170421-03.jpg
Veggie Pret_2.jpg
Veggie Pret_6.jpg
Veggie Pret_1.jpg
Veggie Pret_4.jpg
Veggie Pret_3.jpg
Veggie Pret_5.jpg
Veggie Pret_7.jpg
Veggie Pret_9.jpg
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